” A sound that continues to explore and advance the relationship
between more traditional folk and popular music.”
God is in the TV

“His songs will sooth your soul.”
Amazing Radio

“Oozing folk pop loveliness.”

“The sound is DIY, slightly lo-fi folk – styled acoustic pop.”
R2 Magazine

“A leading light among today’s new generation of DIY digital troubadours”
Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music

“Think mellow, think folk, and now take a minute to imagine all that
garnished with wonderful harmonies and well-written lyrics.”
Fortitude Magazine

“Flickering firefly acoustic guitar notes, the two voices nestled closely
a song that is like an aural hug.”
Americana UK

“It’s when you listen properly, you realise how deceptively simple the album
sounds, the quality of the performance that has made the album seem effortless”

“Darling lo-fi indiefolk with a Coventry lilt”
Cover Lay Down

“It would be a mistake however, to dismiss Stylusboy as pleasant sounding fluff.
Tucked away inside a Zen approach to recording and lyric writing, lie some
musical gems with layers of poetic beauty that need to be savoured slowly
and t
aken on their own terms.”
Drunken Werewolf

“With arresting melodies and poignant lyrics Stylusboy brings his particular
brand of 
warm lo-fi folk to life. The music is deliberately stripped-back,
purposefully honest, capturing raw emotion at its heart.”
Right Chord Music

“A lesson in what contemporary folk should be”.
Ears On Blog

“‘Whole Picture’ EP is blown up with folk galore, vocal harmonies,
xylophone twinkles, rhythmic acoustic guitar riffs and even some cello licks. “

“Stylusboy’s attention to detail is reflected throughout the EP. Whole Picture is a
collection of songs that have been honed to perfection. Its strength is in its subtlety,
while becoming instantly recognisable and in time unforgettable.”
This is a PopScene